Solid Stone Coasters


Introducing a limited release just in time for the holidays! Check out our natural stone coasters perfectly matched to your choice of lazy susan …matching-coasters


Don’t see your color shown, no worries they’ll look just like your stone turntable only in 3/8″ stone with felt backing.  matching-coasters-on-lazy-susan


Four coasters per set, quantities are limited, available with a new purchase only.

A Truly Beautiful Cake Turntable

We’ve made quite a few turntables for cake making professionals through the years. This is our first attempt at a specific product and I think it turned out beautifully. It features white Italian marble on our trademark low-profile base. The clear glass dome seats perfectly into a recessed groove that doubles as a crumb catcher. The base is $99 in 12″ diameter, not bad for hand-made American craftsmanship. (We are still working on a reliable source for the glass tops but we can get you one for an additional $25 while supplies last.)

Black Granite Lazy Susans

Here are a few pictures I put together of absolute black granite lazy susans. I thought I should take a moment to show how our products might actually look on your table top.

Dining Room contemporary dining room

Stunning how the granite carries the natural light into the room. I love the semi-permanent arrangements on the turntable. The magic of a little earthquake tape coupled with a seriously stable and smooth granite lazy susan.

green remodel contemporary dining room

An example using a honed or matte finish in a high contrast room creating a subdued reflection while maintaining the luxurious feel of natural stone.

AHB Custom Home Builders - Audubon Estates Residence #20 contemporary kitchen

A daringly re-imagined island with twin turntables. Perfectly illustrates how a little imagination can change an otherwise fairly conventional space into something unique and thoroughly modern.
All pictures come from the excellent architecture and decorating idea site

Health Benefits of Serving on a Susan.

Really?  Well yes, according to one of our happy customers who also happens to be a nutritionist.  From her perspective one of the biggest advantages to using a lazy susan is smaller plate size.

Stick with me for a second.  Smaller plates lead to smaller portions that look bigger on the plate.  Using a lazy susan makes it easy to serve yourself a little less than you think you might want because you can always get a little more later.

Mom was wrong, we really shouldn’t finish everything on your plate.  In fact we should stop eating before we are completely full as it can take a little time for your to stomach communicate with your brain.  Taking time to plate additional servings and actively thinking about portion size will help with weight control..

So yes, using a lazy susan can change the way you eat, which can lead to better health for you and your family.  And, if I can shamelessly promote our products, it doesn’t hurt that our susans look so nice you’ll never want to take them off your table top.

Heat Resistant Marble?

We are often asked whether our stone lazy susans can be used like a trivet or a hot plate.  I’ll confess that I never thought twice about using my absolute black granite that way (it is perfect for paella.)  I thought I’d try an experiment on a more fragile marble piece.

We aren’t ready to change the slightly lawyerly ‘heat resistant’ wording in our product descriptions, but there was no effect on the stone after five minutes right off the burner.

Dining Table Centerpieces

Are you looking for a unique centerpiece for your dining table that won’t take over the whole table? Something unique and eye-catching that doesn’t require you to talk over, under or around it? Would it be too much to ask that it actually be useful?

White Carrara Marble

We have you covered with our marble lazy susans.   Marble is truly an astonishing stone in its many varied colors and textures. White Carrara is justifiably famous for its elegant alabaster white and cool feel, but it only hints at the possibilities.

Rainforest Green Marble

Rainforest Green marble is an exotic stone truly evocative of a jungle scape with rich shades of emerald green and vine-like brown veins.

The surface practically pops with activity, catching and holding the eye and while inviting conversation.

Dark Emperador Marble

Dark Emperador marble is as warm as carrara is cool.  It shows a lovely rich and glossy chocolate brown background with caramel veins and creamy white clusters.

It is active without being busy and works well on darker wood.

Whether you are looking for an unusual candle tray, a base for your floral display or a large turntable suitable for food service, we make sizes for every need and table.  Checkout our complete collection of centerpiece lazy susans from our marble collection.

Lazy Susan Bearings

Lazy Susan with Bearing

We are often asked about the spinning bases or bearings that we use under our lazy susans. Sometimes surprisingly we are asked if one is included at all and whether it is attached, (yes and yes)

The bearings we use are very high quality, rated to 750+ pounds and are made from non corrosive galvanized steel.  They spin smoothly and quietly with little need for maintenance.

We choose bearings large enough that the turntable is completely stable , but small enough to remain completely hidden under the lip of the stone.

We don’t sell them separately, but …

Lazy Susan Bearing


We get them from a great company with great service: Triangle Manufacturing out of Oshkosh Wisconsin.  We highly recommend their products if you need to redo your annoying  kitchen cabinet lazy susans for example.

White Kitchens Are Hot.

Or possibly cool.  In any case, white kitchens are in style this year.

If you aren’t ready to redo your entire kitchen but you would like to bring in a little white stonework, consider accessorizing with one of our white marble or granite lazy susans.

Or, if you just finished creating the white kitchen of your dreams, a matched stone turntable gives your new counter top the perfect accent, breaking up empty space on the counter without diminishing your usable surface area or causing the appearance of clutter.

Another idea: repeat and unify your theme with a color coordinated turntable as the centerpiece for your kitchen table. Our lazy susans are a great way to echo the stone you love throughout your house in a functional and decorative fashion.

If you don’t see the color you want, or if these aren’t white enough, just ask.  We’re toying with the idea of a white ceramic ultra low profile model and I would love to do another one in blizzard caesar stone.

Umbrella Hole Lazy Susans

It’s an idea that speaks for itself:  a lazy susan with an umbrella hole in the center allows you to place it in the middle of your patio table.

Dining with family and friends becomes a shared experience instead of a long discussion over who should pass what when.

Our patio lazy susans ship with an optional 2″ post hole large enough to accomodate most outdoor umbrellas.  (If you need a larger one please just ask in the comment on your order)

The post hole is lined with a stylish protective insert to prevent the granite from scuffing your umbrella post..

We also include a cap for the post hole so that you can keep your turntable on the table even after your umbrella goes into storage for the winter.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas to improve our products.  Please let us know what you think either in the comments or email us.